About us…

Our primary composer, Richard Sven is a multi-instrumentalist (keyboards, bass and guitar), composer, arranger and producer.  He studied classical music on his first instrument, the piano, from the age of six.  His professional career began in 1992, when armed with a graduate degree in Geophysics from M.I.T.,  he decided to solely  pursue his passion,  music.

Richard Sven  is influenced by many genres of music and his work reflects it.

“ Time spent trying to force music into definitive categories can be better utilised, by just letting the music touch you,  losing yourself in it, and allowing it to take you to a different place and time.” – as he puts it.

Richard Sven describes himself as a sound sculptist using music/sound as a palette to craft audio art. His greatest passion still remains scoring music for films. “More than any other media, this allows me to combine musical elements from around the world that have influenced me, and,  at the same time touch the base of human emotions.”